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Swim Colorado, Co.

A Colorado Corporate Entity

D.B.A. Swim Colorado, Corp.; Swim Colorado, Inc.

D.B.A. Swim Inverness Colorado; Swim DTC Colorado; Swim Englewood Colorado; Swim Denver Colorado; Swim Aurora Colorado; Swim Parker Colorado; Swim Lone Tree Colorado; Swim Centennial Colorado; Swim Highlands Ranch Colorado; Swim Castle Rock Colorado

Not employed nor affiliated with any clubs, pools, or facilities where services are performed other than a third party authorized licensee.

Email:   |  Phone / Txt / Vm: (303) 578-8855

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Swimming Lessons & Swim Clinics

Swim lessons and swimming clinics - from beginner to advanced, and from young to "young at heart". Any level, any stroke, any technique, and any skill can be customized, with convenient hours and several locations in the metro-Denver area.

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Locations Available:

Aurora (outdoor)

4934 S Carson St, Aurora, CO 80015

Inverness (indoor & outdoor)

Inverness Athletic Club

374 Inverness Pkwy, Englewood, CO 80012

Experience Matters

About The Owner (send email)

Get lessons from someone who truly understands all the nuances of water and proven training techniques.  Someone who knows both what they are doing, and why - with a lifetime of competitive swimming and coaching experience in Colorado and Ohio.  Someone who also understands kids of all ages, both as a coach, and father of two girls, with an ability to gauge the particular needs of an individual swimmer based on their personalities, attention span, comfort level, and goals.


Unlike franchise or 'mill' swim companies in the area who pull nice, but completely inexperienced people off the street to 'teach' you swimming with a corporate form or checklist, Swim COLORADO is taught by experienced and accomplished swimmer and USA Swimming coach, Mike Evans.

Mr. Evans is a Colorado native whom spent 10 years with MACS' senior national USA Swimming team, lettered all 4 years with Regis Jesuit's State and National High School Team, then was recruited and swam in college with a scholarship as an All American NCAA Division I athlete. He also achieved All American status in water polo during graduate school. He is a USA Swimming certified swim coach experienced in all strokes, events, and distances.

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  • Englewood

  • South Denver

  • Centennial

  • Denver Tech Center (DTC)

  • Parker

  • Lone Tree

  • Castle Rock

  • Highlands Ranch



Phone / Text / Voicemail: (303) 578-8855


Mon - Fri: 7am - 3:30pm

Saturday: 11am - 7pm

Sunday: 7am - 7pm

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We guarantee that you will see an objective improvement in swimming ability, technique, or performance in those students who willingly attend and actively participate in lessons or clinics on a regular basis or we will refund your money back or issue credit for future lessons per your preference. 



Swim Lessons

  • Infant: (6 mo. - 1 yr.)

  • Toddler: (1 yr. - 5 yrs.)

  • Child: (6 yrs. - 12 yrs.)

  • Teen: (13 yrs. - 19 yrs.)

  • Adult: (20 yrs. - 99 yrs.)

  • Drowning Prevention / Floatation

  • Parent-Tot: together with mom, dad, grandparent, nanny, or legal guardian

  • Special Needs: Physical or mental disability / challenge(s): amputee, MS, paralysis, cerebral palsy, autism, blind, deaf, epilepsy, down syndrome, etc.  (legal guardian must be present at lessons)

Swim Lesson Key:

Beginner: new to water, can't float

Intermediate: can float & kick, but no real strokes or turns

Advanced: knows basics of most strokes / turns & can swim at least 2 laps


Swim Clinics

  • Beginner: knows basics of most strokes / turns & can swim 8 laps

  • Intermediate: knows all strokes / turns & can swim 20 laps

  • Advanced: knows all strokes / turns & is on a year round or summer competitive swim team

  • Swim Team Supplement: turns, dives, starts, strokes, breathing, kicking

  • Turns: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly

  • Starts & Dives: from blocks - racing & backstroke

  • Kicking: freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly

  • Butterfly: stroke, kick, body position, turns, underwater, breathing

  • Backstroke: stroke, kick, body position, turns, underwater, breathing

  • Breaststroke: stroke, kick, body position, turns, underwater, breathing

  • Freestyle: stroke, kick, body position, turns, underwater, breathing

  • Sprinting: (starts, turnover, power, kick, breakouts, turns, breathing

  • Underwater & Streamlines: body position, kicking, technique

  • Video: stroke, kick, body position, turns, starts & dives

New Student Profile
Student's Ability Level
Any Special Needs / Allergies / Conditions?
Comfort Level with Water?

By clicking "Submit" below, I affirm the following: I am over the age of 18, or the parent or legal guardian of the student; I / we understand, acknowledge, & appreciate the inherent risks and dangers engaging in any swimming activities; and I / we agree to become familiar with the rules of any facility that lessons or clinics are held at and agree to strictly abide by them.  Further, if I purchase swimming video for a current or future lesson or clinic I am expressly agreeing to have video taken of the student swimming during their session.